The non-patentable “pepper” fruit

The non-patentable “pepper” fruit

Not seen before – the EPO reverts its case law. The patentability of plants and/or parts of plants in the European patent system has long been the subject of heated debate. Nevertheless, for a long time the law appeared to develop incrementally in favour of...

Crispr hearing as seen by a trainee

Introduction Last week the hearing for appeal proceeding (T 844/18) relating to European Patent 2771468 B1, regarding the gene-editing technology CRISPR-Cas9, held by The Broad Institute, Inc., Harvard University and MIT, took place at the European Patent Office (EPO)...

Happy 2020

Did you know that Walt Disney was one of the first to file a patent for a precision fireworks display system, in order to create specific patterns in the sky (e.g. the Mickey Mouse ears – see Fig. 26)!